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Larp: Last Call in Eden

by Simon Deveau In an ultra-bleak future where the planet earth has been turned into a radioactive barbecue thanks to nuclear state terrorists and aged failsafe technology, the remnants of humanity survives in the L7 Super-Hab Eden. For decades since the destruction of life on earth, a highly diverse slice of the human race has overcome any differences and worked to keep Eden operational. With no hope of any resupply mission they have cannibalized from within and scavenged from without to keep vital systems online. Now with the structural creaks growing louder and the power faults more frequent than ever, an emergency meeting has been called by the Mayor of Eden. The meeting will take place at Eden's own brew pub, The Hub, where hopefully between the pints a future or at least a few more decades can be secured for humanity. This game is a light hearted look at a species last gasp. It will include light, medium and dark plots along with a hotel staffed cash bar. 18+
20 to 26 players