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Larp: (re)COURSE: magical girl contagion (RE)cord


by Zeb Dezern, Greer Hauptman, Isabel Malonzo, Jake Mandel, Li-Chi Young

2250: The second generation of the Colony Age. The Queendoms of United Earth cling to the stations in the skies and depths of space, trying to wrest control of the Earth from the now-mutant Terrans. Magical girls patrol the skies above, careful not to get too close to the plague-torn lands below.

In the aftermath of the great plague that began the 14th Century, which wiped out much of the male population and changed the birthrates forever, humanity discovered within themselves the potential to do magic. Only one in four children are born male, and many do not survive past childhood due to the rapidly evolving diseases that plagued the human race before their widespread and ultimately temporary remission in the 19th century. This shift in birth rate has given shape to the history of Mother Earth, and has forever changed her global identity.

The reemergence of the mysterious plague in the past century has initiated a strange new effect: to alter humans from their stronger, purer selves, causing them to change their bodies and develop dark powers. Eventually, humanity was faced with the choice to either abandon the Earth or abandon themselves. Desperation drove design, and through the fruits of the New Space Race the foremothers escaped, to hastily-built colonies and space stations in 2150. The Earth is now ruled by what was left behind, or as they are now known, Terrans.

This cohort of recruits on the Queendoms' elite training station, magical girls and otherwise, are looking forward to celebrating on the eve of their matriculation. Everyone is looking forward to the last big party with their friends before the end of the training. A collection of mysterious transfer students and staff have kept the last few months exciting, and the school festival will have something that everyone will enjoy. The Student Council and Yearbook Committee are out in force, and the history club’s booth looks to be the best they’ve ever put out. The students and members of the space station staff will be able to confront the past and the future in the explosive end-of-year festival. . . perhaps, with a little help from their friends.

(re)COURSE: magical girl contagion (RE)cord is a four hour LARP, set on a space station rotating in uncertain orbit above the Earth in an alternate timeline. A social-collaborative combat game about magic and humanity’s ability to survive in the face of great upheaval, players will explore ritual and non-ritual magics with card-based mechanics, a socially-influenced power advancement system, the power of friendship, and more. Inspired by the past twenty years of magical girl anime, young adult science fiction, and the Persona video game series.

Individual characters may grapple with complex themes including oppression, fantasy racism, gender, queerness, addiction, gender identity and performance, teenage exploration of identity and sexuality, agency, age differences in romantic relationships and abusive relationships. (re)COURSE can be played by those who are 16 and up. Please email us if you have any questions or concerns.

20 to 25 players