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Larp: U.S.S. Aspire


by Caroline Murphy

The alarm sounds over and over, waking you from a sound sleep. You open your eyes and startle for a moment, realizing you're still in the cryogenic stasis tank. Something must have gone wrong.

Groggily, you reach for the release valve, pulling it with your weakened muscles, and tumble out onto the floor. You look around to find that there are 24 others like you, all fighting off the effects of the stasis.

You struggle to remember. Something happened, you remember there was a danger.... what was it? You can't even remember your name...

---- In this game you will play someone that wakes up out of cryo-stasis on a space ship named the U.S.S. Aspire with no memories. As the game progresses, you will discover who you are, who your companions are, where you are going and what you are doing.

System This game will use the Cthulhu Live 3rd edition rules. No knowledge of the rules is necessary to play, we will give an overview of everything you need to know 15 minutes prior to game on.

Attire Characters are expected to wear plain black t-shirts (no logos) and black pants that are either cargo pants, leggings/spandex, or plain work pants (no jeans). It is preferable that you wear black shoes/boots as well, but not required. All other props/costuming will be provided for you.

Important In order to get your character sheet/history in game, you will need to use a fingerprint scanner. This means that we need to get your fingerprint ahead of time, so please be able to meet the GM's at Intercon preferably the day before game runs. If this fails, you'll be handed your sheet in game.

25 players