The House of Becoming
@ 8 p.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


by Kristen Patten, Jamey Patten, Santo Sengupta, Ted Marr, Dan Parke

Through these doors, bring your self, your past, and your hopes. Within these walls, you will receive your future, and pay its price.

It has been over a century since Day Zero, when civilization ended. Now, humanity is diminished and scattered, reduced to those small tribes, families, or coalitions who have found some way to survive the harsh, lawless world.

In this part of the world, there is a House that all peoples hold inviolate, sacred. It is the place where all must go for their passage from innocence to adulthood, where one returns initiated into the mysteries of one's people, if one returns at all. It is the House of Becoming. And today, it is your turn to enter.

The House of Becoming is a low-tech post-apocalyptic tribal coming-of-age game, containing some mature themes (18+ only). It will also contain some body painting. And staring contests.