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Larp: BBC Reality in cooperation with the Jupiter Mining Corp presents RED DWARF

by John Kammer The Jupiter Mining Corporation is behind schedule and over budget in the production of their first asteroid mining ship the Red Dwarf . Under construction in Earth orbit, parts of the ship are ready to go while other components still need to be shipped up from the planet. Each day of schedule slippage costs the JMC millions of Pounds Sterling in penalties, interest fees, and fines. To help mitigate some of these losses, JMC has partnered with BBC Reality to develop the first Reality show in space. Contestants will be selected and transported to the Red Dwarf where they will compete at various challenges and each round one or more contestants will be eliminated by vote of the remaining participants. In the end, only one can win. What could possibly go wrong? NOTE: Getting voted off the ship DOES NOT MEAN you will be eliminated from the game. You may however pick up another character along the way.... BBC Reality is cooperation with the Jupiter Mining Corp presents RED DWARF is loosely based on the comedic Sci-Fi television series Red Dwarf. You do not require any knowledge of the television series to play in this game although having some familiarity with it will benefit some characters (Lister, Rimmer, Cat, Kryten, Holly, Kochanski). Familiarity with "Reality" Television shows of any sort is assumed. You don't need to know specifics, just be familiar with the genre. The "winner's" prize of an actual assignment aboard the maiden voyage of the Red Dwarf is a fiction so you won't actually win this nor any other of the thousands of Pounds Sterling in prizes we'll be advertising.
12 to 23 players