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Larp: Next Exit 4.3 Lightyears

by David Camacho, Brady Tatro In the not so distant future, travel between planets has become commonplace. At a diner along one of the major interplanetary routes, people from various walks of life rub shoulders. Players will take on a variety of roles including travellers from the Eridani system, a family on vacation, legitimate business entities, and some less than honest individuals. Not everyone is here for the grilled Ionian beetle sandwich. Next Exit 4.3 Light Years takes place in a future not unlike our own. Space travel between planets has become mundane on par with a family road trip. Contact with alien civilizations has been made, and while they come in peace, they have not been integrated into human society. Players will take the roles of various patrons of the Capricorn Grille who are there for their own reasons. Gameplay will be roleplay focussed, with the possibility of non-physical combat.
15 to 22 players