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Larp: The Tattered Veil


by Julia Ellingboe

At the edge of the world sits a small and peaceful hamlet governed by the Elderberry Prince, daughter-son of the Sleeping Forest Queen. To the west sleeps the Forest and his Queen; to the south, dances the Ocean and her King; to the east, grows farmland, rolling hills, and roads that lead Elsewhere; to the north, hangs the Veil.

In springtime, the Elderberry Prince examines the Veil, looks for holes and tears, and works with the Spider Weavers to mend the Veil. This spring, the Veil is in tatters. It appears that someone has cut out several human child-sized holes at the base. Those holes have grown threadbare and spawned more rips and tears. The Elderberry Prince discovers child-sized footprints in the snow that start on the other side of the Veil and continue to their side, where the abruptly stop. On the footprinted path, just where the footprints stop, the Elderberry Prince finds an empty bottle marked "Be Like a Bird." The Elderberry Prince arrives at the natural conclusion that a fae of Elsewhere has lured human children across the Veil. It will take the Spider Weavers at least a year to repair the Veil, and in that time, anything and anyone--be they human or fae--could cross the Veil. A wry smile brightens the Elderberry Prince's face for a moment before they return to the hamlet, leaving the Spider Weavers to their arduous work. Guests may be afoot. Preparations must be made. Mischief could be wreaked. Fun will be had. The Elderberry Prince has not seen a human in nearly 300 years and has always has a fondness for them. What will come and go across the tattered veil in the ensuing seasons?

Light on mechanics, rich in storytelling, we'll draw from the well of global fairy-lore and fiction. The Tattered Veil is a game for larpers ages 10 and up, but it is not just for children. Not all faeries are light and sweetness, and every faerie realm Players may explore darker themes and we'll have space for lighter, more kid-friendly fare, though it still might be a bit scary. We are talking about faeries after all.

10 to 20 players