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Larp: Railways and Respectability

London, 18XX "I have seen the future and it is the railways!" It is the Prince Regent's Birthday and celebrations are underway. In honour of the royal event Lady Sybil Ffolkes-Porter is hosting a dance at her extensive London home. It is clear to everyone that railways are the future and Parliament has declared that new routes are needed between London and Bristol, and London and Brighton. Initial surveys have identified two possible new routes for each of the towns. A third route to Bristol is possible, but only if the Kennet and Avon Canal is closed to navigation. An act of Act of Parliament is required to set up new companies to build and operate the routes, but further capital is still required. The party gives an opportunity for interested parties to assemble offers an excellent opportunity to discuss the building of Railways across the English countryside. However some members of society consider Romance and Respectability to be considerably more important. Present at the dance are a number of eligible young ladies and potential suitors. Lady Sybil is hoping that the evening will result in a number of satisfactory "understandings". There should be ample opportunity for discussing both Romance and Railways.
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