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Larp: The Prophecy of the Starry Skies

by Greer Hauptman, Isabel Malonzo, Zeb Dezern, Li-Chi Young It is the eve of the new year and the time of the Ceremony of Transience is upon us. The Divine Majesty is descending from the palace to mix with commoners and nobles alike as together they haggle amongst each other and pray to the Gods for a good position in the year going forth. But the magic is unbalanced, revolution is roiling in the distance, and recently a round-eyed foreigner has landed his ship on the shore. At midnight, when the year turns, the prophecy will be delivered, whether or not the Country of Sun & Sky is prepared for what the future holds. Prophecy of the Starry Skies is a comedy of manners based loosely on Meiji and Edo era period dramas with a heavy dash of alchemical elemental magic and theocratic rule.
5 to 12 players