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Larp: Second Hand Spirit Animals: Second Time's the Charm


by Elisa Ford

Welcome to the annual meeting of the Second Hand Spirit Animals at Sandy Springs Retreat, Oregon. The lesser known soul guides have gathered to try to gain more followers, commiserate with old friends, and perhaps settle old grudges. Last year's meeting didn't go so well (poor Tapeworm), but House Fly has a brand new plan to get more people to believe in you all. And that's a good thing. What could go wrong?

This is a comedy heavy, theater-style LARP for 16-20 players. Some roles are suitable for accompanied minors. Players under the age of 16 must check in with GMs beforehand. Mild sexual themes are present.

Content warning: This LARP does poke a bit of fun at the concept of guiding spirit animals, and may offend some players. Should a player's belief system heavily involve the sanctity of said animal totems and their guidance, you may wish to take a pass.

Suggested costuming: Your entity has possessed the body of an attendee at a new age spiritual retreat. Wear whatever you think would work in a place bursting with dream catchers, tie dye and trust falls.

16 to 20 players