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Larp: Spacerpunk


by Dev Purkayastha

Opportunity. Exploration. Adventure.

That's the idea, right? Humans took to the stars over a century ago, and the Known Worlds are all settled. And yet, most people are content to stay planetside on the half-terraformed rock they grew up on. You've got the spacers, but they just keep trucking the same old trade routes and pocketing corporate credits.

But you know better. You're a Spacerpunk!

So get out there and explore. Find a ship and find a crew. Hang out with fellow Spacerpunks at seedy orbital stations (which might or might not be about to crash). Dodge the corporate spacer sell-outs. And make a living: maybe you're trading cargo, maybe you're stealing salvage, or maybe you're just trying to take your interstellar rock band on tour. It's your life and you're not about to let "The Man" (...human, alien, cyborg, or other) tell you what to do.

After all, you're a Spacerpunk, and the stars belong to you. Spacerpunk is a riveting vision of our starfaring future that does not involve bumpy foreheads. If you're a fan of Firefly, Blake's 7, Cowboy Bebop, or really any space opera, you will likely find something to like here! Expect a lighthearted game with big personalities and plenty of hijinks.

15-player maximum