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Larp: Dreamatorium


by Peter Flade and Jenny Blanchard

In a land apart, where time is immaterial and darkness doubly so, there stands a single shop. This shop receives visitors in search of a very specific commodity. These patrons -- mainly children -- come to trade for fine, handcrafted dreams. Have you brought what you're willing to trade tonight? If so, welcome to The Dreamatorium.

Dreamatorium is a high-energy, rules-light, and free-form two-hour long horde-based LARP. There are five cast characters present throughout the game that interact with the horde. The horde is, surprisingly enough, not a faction from a popular MMO. Rather, the horde is a group of players who take on the roles of constantly-changing bit characters to interact with the cast characters. As there are only five cast characters, promises cannot be made as to what you will receive.

14-player maximum