MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

The city is centered on a short bluff, along the Mississippi, at the head of the Delta, at the greatest focus of the continent's largest watershed. It is named for another city, that sat at the head of another delta, in an abandoned time.

Every seven years, they come, and this year is no exception. Some live here, but most do not. They come from near and far. The Convocation invites all of power, though most that travel are the mages. This year, the gifted will deal with greater matters than usual --- the winters are worsening, and those northern runemages who still follow the old traditions whisper of fimbulvetr, and the return of the Frost Giants. Meanwhile, a grand doom is settling upon the city, of a strength not seen since 1945 in Kyoto, when the Order of Gray Knights was able to divert the world's first nuclear strike. The auguries may be cloudy, but one thing is certain: a storm, one that will not be forgotten, is brewing.

Some will pray, some will feast, some will wander, some will speak. Memphis is a game of food and soul, of memory and horror, of treachery and faith, of power and reckoning, all bathed in mighty waters.