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Larp: Grimm Tales: Here Be Monsters


by Will Wagner

The Blackfinch (a speakeasy) in New York City, 1923

35 years ago, the Fables in London held their "Remembrance Day" event. Unfortunately things did not go so well. There were several murders, King "Iron" Henry was forced to give up much of his power to Bluebeard, the Beast fled the country and the secret of Fables was almost exposed to the mortal police. Fables have had to be more careful and stick to the shadows.

The Blackfinch is one such shadowy place - where the monstrous, beast-like and other Fables can throw off their disguises and be themselves. Protected by spells of misdirection, only Fables can find their way into the place - which, in the current times of Prohibition, serves a double purpose of protection.

Today is a special day - the Blackfinch was founded by Eline (Den lille havfrue) and her husband, Prince Edvard 80 years ago when they came to New York from Holland. Today, they celebrate 100 years of marriage - and the Fables have come in from around the world to help them celebrate - and to meet some of the newer folks to join the ranks of Fabledom.

(note: Although this story takes place in the same world as the other Grimm Tales series, knowledge of the occurrences in the other games is not important and playing this game will not ruin your enjoyment if you choose to play any of the other games in the series)

8 to 15 players