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Larp: Dreams of Ice and Ash

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lady... ...and things didn't go so well for her. She had to make sacrifices; that's just how the world works, you know? Eventually, she had to sacrifice her heart. Now she has one chance to get it back, to find her true love. Once upon a time, there was a handsome lord... ...and things didn't go so well for him. Perhaps he never found his beautiful bride. Perhaps he found her, but couldn't bring himself to love her. Perhaps he was just vicious through and through. Now there are ladies who want to dance with him, who want to love him, who want him to love them in return. He wants to sneer. But it's so cold inside his heart... And a waltz plays, and the dance floor gleams with cruel promise... Dreams of Ice and Ash is an alternate character set for the original Dance and Dawn game -- now you can play the game again (knowledge of the original is not required for this version -- you can play them in any order). Characters take the roles of a Lord or Lady, and over the course of the twenty-one dances of the evening, must find their True Love, who will be able to heal their broken soul. No prior dance experience is required, very basic waltz steps will be taught, and the game is generally suitable to those new to LARPing. Certain of the characters have some very dark elements in their backstories. It should be easy to avoid individual triggers for people, but be aware that this is a game about broken people.
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