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Larp: Today's special is...Hostages


by Daniel Carleton

It was just another day at your favourite diner. I mean the foods crap and the atmosphere is terrible, but it... um... wait why do you even eat here? Anyway the morning was dragging along as usual, when suddenly an angry patron pulls a gun and orders everyone to put their wallets in a bag. He then turns to empty the register, when suddenly the manager pulls out his own shooter and nails the crim right in the chest!

Instead of the pale look of disbelief you expect to be plastered over his face, he simply laughs. With his final breaths he exclaims his accomplice is sitting somewhere in the diner. And will blow the diner back to the stone age if anyone tries to make a run for it. Now everyone inside needs to work together, find out who the accomplice is, and beat the bomb before they all join the great diner in the sky. The only problem is, everyone else is a suspect.

Todays special is ... hostages, is a murder mystery style larp where players will take on the role of one of the characters in the diner. The main plot will be solving clues and determining who is the accomplice. Sub plots will involve romance, getting over fears, finding out who you can trust and who you cant. Friends will become enemies and enemies become friends as you fight for your lives against an unknown enemy in your own ranks.

15-player maximum