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Larp: Fires of Emsi

Fires of Emsi A live game about dead silence. Once upon a time, the great city of Igris glittered in the desert. Tall white spires punctuated the sky, beautiful and arrogant. Now where your home once stood, there’s only a scattering of rough stones; the lone and level sands stretch far away. A part of you is dust. Thirteen years have passed, and with them the affairs of men. On this faint echo of a once-holy day, the world is no longer watching. But a fire burns in the ruins. Ghosts lie among the stones. Against all odds, a past you have long ago abandoned is not yet ready to abandon you.
Caldera is an alternative larp format for adventures in emotional sensemaking. Something happened once, and you were broken. The shards may never fit together again. But the time has come to reinterpret the past in order to create a future.
9 players