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Larp: Murder on Olympus


by Rachael Hodson

This is a game set in ancient Greece when the gods of Olympus held dominion over all mankind. It is a time of heroes, monsters, gods and villains. Last night a great cry shook Olympus. It was Hades shouting "He's dead, he's dead." When you ran to the noise, you found Hades in Zeus' apartments, Zeus, stabbed to death at his feet. He swears that Zeus was dead when he walked into the room, and you found no murder weapon or blood on Hades.

Hestia has summoned you to solve Zeus' murder and you must also elect a new king.

The game will have minimal system, with a simple majority vote deciding who is elected dread lord of Olympus. No voting can happen within the first hour of the game but after that a vote can be called whenever 5 or more gods or 3 gods and Hestia agree to call the vote.

Hecate, at Hestia's request has placed a spell over Olympus, so that no god may use their powers while on the mountain, during the next 3 hours.

13-player maximum