The Other Other* All-Batman Game
@ 11 a.m.

Intercon P


Westborough, MA


Cue the announcer... From last weeks episode: Four unspeakable members of the Underworld... United! Batman and Robin tracked the troublemakers to their target, and fell to with the fiends... only to fall! Robin, captured, Batman... dead?!?! Pursuing a perfidious plan, a costume shop is pilfered of its Batman costumes Even more bad news: The sinister Green Hornet has shown up in Gotham! But the stalwart citizens of Gotham choose not to take this sitting down And the pillars of society plan to hold up their end as well Brace yourselves, bat-fans--it's time for all-bat action! Batman and Robin have been defeated by a consortium of their greatest foes! The good citizens of Gotham rise to the occasion but, even disguised as Gotham's greatest defender, can they save their fair city from the villains' nefarious plans? A farce of identities and disguises based on the camp 60's TV show and inspired by the spirit of the two previous All-Batman games.