Sidekicks Anonymous

Run at SmallCon 2018 by LARGE: Live-Action Roleplayers Guild of Edmonton (Canada)


by Nick Huggins

nitiating Emergency Protocol. -Transmitting Message-

Hello Heroes this is Mister Amazing; This is an emergency message from The League of Really Good Guys. If you’re seeing this it means we’re dead or worse. It means that we will no longer be able to protect the world. Even without us the world will always need heroes. So I put together this failsafe program in case anything ever happened to us. You’re up, we need your help: each of you has proven that you have the capacity to be one of the heroes that the world so desperately needs. Some of you may be new on the scene; others have been our steadfast sidekicks and loyal friends for many friends. Either way, we know you have what it takes to be a Really Good Guy. We are depending on you; the world is depending on you, so go. Save it.

-Transmission Ended-

The Incredible Zip – Superhuman, supersonic champion of speed. MISSING. Commander Patriot – Ex-Army hero of the American Way. MISSING. Ultrababe – Fearless (drop dead gorgeous), vanquisher of the worst evils. MISSING.

The League of Really Good Guys has been decimated by a strange malady, affecting only the strongest heroes. The only ones left are the kids – Sidekicks and misfits, holding awesome power, but immature. Summoned to the League’s Mansion headquarters by the hyper-intelligent Mister Amazing (just before he too vanished) they must find out what nefarious criminal has planned the disappearances, and save their older, more capable counterparts.

This is a 4 hour one-shot LARP written by Nick Huggins. It features a very plot-light, character-driven game set in the realm of comic books!