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Larp: Peter Jackson’s JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of The Roles: Who Killed Tom Bombadil? -Extended Edition


by Devin Trager

The War of the Ring may be over, but the tragedy has only begun. The most beloved, important, and heroic figure in all of Middle Earth, Tom Bombadil, has been found murdered in a gruesome scene and the plot of land which he called home has been replaced with a massive hole. The prime suspects, the heroes of Middle Earth, have all been brought together by the world’s greatest detective, Smaug the Dragon, and his trusted assistant Bilbo Baggins, but the suspects are all behaving very strangely. Gandalf has been talking about the persecution of wizards, Frodo spends all his time talking with a warg, Aragorn has united the Nations of Men with newfound fervor, and Boromir is alive. Meanwhile, old threats seem not to have been as neatly dealt with in a satisfactory manor-just ask Gollum’s army of intelligent monkeys. Can Smaug and Bilbo identify the murderer? Will the heroes of Middle Earth discover why all these strange goings on are happening? Why is Saruman still around? And, most importantly, why aren’t those damn eagles going to help you?

That Guy, a man so well versed in The Lord of the Rings that he fell asleep when the Ringwraiths (yeah, he calls them Ringwraiths) first showed up and didn’t wake up until a man set himself on fire and jumped off a cliff to signal the elephants, brings you a reimagining of the most celebrated story he really doesn’t care about. Based on nerd’s complaints about The Hobbit (because the swords don’t glow enough) and the IMDB pages of a bunch of actors, players will take on the characters of The Lord of the Rings like never before: as anything that actor’s played that wasn’t Tolkien related. Featuring all your favorite characters like: Magneto the Gray, Agent Elrond, and Sadly-Not-Jack-Sparrow Legolas. Hey, at least he’s not stretching this game out to 3 parts.

12-player maximum