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Larp: Queen of Denial


by Nickey Barnard and Mo Holkar

Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown, and Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, is uneasier than most. Rival suitors, envious foreign powers, a dead husband/brother, crafty slaves, a shortage of asses' milk, and to cap it all her infant son's gone missing. How will she cope? Find out in Queen of Denial, where Shakespeare meets the Carry On team, and things are likely to go from bad to very much worse…

The game takes place at the Queen's court, in Alexandria, in the year 44BC. Julius Caesar was assassinated earlier this year; and the Pharaoh, Ptolemy XIV, died in mysterious circumstances just a few weeks ago. Tonight is the Festival of Sopdet, which if conducted correctly will cause the Nile's waters to rise, relieving the hunger and thirst under which Egypt suffers. But not everyone here will be hoping that all goes well for the Queen.

Will Ptolemy's killer be found? Will slaves outwit their masters? Will The Shadow continue to stalk the city's streets? Will the Queen's son emerge? Will High Priest Bebhotep get to feed anyone to the sacred crocodiles? Will Cleopatra choose a lover, or perhaps even a husband who for once isn't actually related to her? Who will win the chariot race? Will the Pyramids rise again? It'll be up to you…

17-player maximum