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Larp: Neverdreams

by Rei Hampden-Turner & Judy Humphrey By day, you work at The Company. You sit at your desk, daydreaming, convinced that you are the only person there who is secretly colourful and interesting. However, none of that matters now. It’s all just a vague memory, that other life of yours. Because now you are dreaming, and you dream of action and adventure; of daring deeds and mischief; and of magic and wonder, in a land called Neverland. You are aware that your role here is somehow important to everyone in the Other World, and that tonight is the most important ceremony of all. Tonight is a special night; the Summoning of the Never Spirit, which happens every one hundred years. Five people will stand in the summoning circle tonight at the appointed time, and their stories and character will determine the dreams and daydreams of the human race for the next hundred years. To be asked to do so is considered a high honour, and the lucky five will doubtless smugly lord it over everyone else when they get home. There are five factions involved in the ceremony, and a representative from each will stand in the Circle: the Lost Boys, the Fairies, the Redskins, the Merfolk, and the Beasts. They will likely use the meeting to discuss pacts and swap stories, renew or break old alliances, and create new legends from their personal quests. Peter Pan usually stands on behalf of the Lost Boys, but seems to be missing tonight. There is of course also a sixth faction on the island; the Pirates. They have been excluded from this ceremony, but rumour has it that some may have found their way to the Neverpeak tonight. This is a game of storytelling; of whimsical childhood games and daring deeds; and of the power of dreams.
24 to 30 players