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Larp: A Deal With The Devil


by Andrea Civiera & Ben Harvey

Limbo has been your home for such a long time. It is impossible to track the years since you died and came here. Your faded memories of joys, sorrows, passions, and regrets long past are the only reminder of an existence outside of these walls. Is this your eternal punishment or your final reward? Or is it a place that must be endured before you pass on somewhere? There are many opinions, but no one truly knows. Then it all changed… Man’s ideas shape God’s reality; having been reclassified from ‘dogma’ to ‘theological opinion’, an existential chain reaction ripped through Limbo, collapsing and dissipating it. The population shrank as individuals were taken for their final judgement, earned or deserved; but some never got to leave. Whatever fears, doubts or transgressions kept them here, it prevented them being able to let go. Numbers dwindled to leave those who truly straddle the balance; too good for hell and not worthy enough for heaven. Now these last inhabitants are at the mercy of Heaven and Hell, looking to rescue or claim their souls; neither side wants to fight for them, this is not the time for the Battle of Armageddon, but equally no-one wishes to relinquish their due either. To break the stalemate, the Devil proposes the inhabitants decide with a ‘game of chance’, but what? God doesn’t play dice with the universe and the Devil doesn’t play games he can’t win. The answer is Texas Hold’em poker – as much as metaphor for life as a game in its own right – everyone has to play the hand they’re dealt, but success depends on how good the play, or how convincing the bluff. Everyone is playing with the ultimate stake, their soul; the bargaining chips are Graces, wagered against the debt which is held by the house – everyone’s own sin. Players may want to approach the tables alone, or they may wish to unite and bankroll a collaborative effort. Just remember, there is not enough grace for rneveryone, and you know that if it all goes wrong you may have to try and deal with the Devil… ‘Deal with the Devil’ is a game of damnation, salvation, desire, regret, and poker for 15 players. The game will be character-driven freeform role-play with Texas Hold’em poker; no knowledge of poker is required, but you need to be willing to learn and play, a guide will be provided. The poker game itself will include ‘cheat’ powers to help players overcome skill and luck when needed and balance the playing field. If you strike out badly at the main tables, the Devil will be in town and willing to give anyone that plays him a chance to get back into the game. Of course, he asks for a steep wager and plays for keeps.

12 to 15 players