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Larp: Love and Loss on the Lúshmun Canal

by Danielle & Theron Goudeau The civil war is over and the monsoon is coming. The Governor of Butrús has invited the nobles, priests, and heroes of Dó Cháka to come celebrate a new start under the beneficent rule of emperor Resplendent Flame. There will be entertainments and discussions of the road ahead; not to mention secret alliances, schemes, and dark rituals. After years of war and numerous purges can the fragile unity of Dó Cháka hold? Will sleeping rényu be let lie? Are you a third cousin thrust suddenly into a position of power? A suave operator who played all sides during the war? A weary veteran looking for a fresh start? Come decide the fate of your province and the greatness of your destiny in a LARP of intrigue set in the fantasy world of Tékumel, where all politics is personal. Undead plagues! Forbidden romance! Hidden riches! The threat of ignominious impalement! No previous setting or LARP experience needed. For those who wish to costume, we suggest Indian or pre-Columbian Mesoamerican attire.?
15-player maximum