Larp: Dune: Point of Balance


Arrakis. Dune. Eighty years ago, it was considered the poorest Fief in the galaxy. Many laughed when House Harkonnen was forced to take control of the desolate world. Then the secret of the spice melange, hidden for so many centuries, was revealed to the public, and the galaxy changed forever...

+++Incoming Message+++ +++Source: House Corrino+++ +++Begin Message+++

By order of His Imperial Majesty, Shaddam IV of House Corrino, and in the custom established by the Throne, a Council of Change has been called to hear the petitions of the Houses regarding control of the Fief of Arrakis. House delegates shall meet on the Spacing Guild starship Order of Destiny on the Third Day of the Annual Celebration of the Ascendance of the Most Wise Shaddam IV, in this, the Year of the Emperor's Most Exquisite Grace, to make their presentations before the Council. One House shall be named Holder of the Fief of Arrakis and shall take possession of said fief immediately, with the Emperor's Blessing. Eligible Houses will receive notice of the Proces Verbal, the Emperor’s outline for the proceedings, in due course.

+++End Message+++

A prequel to Frank Herbert's "Dune"

27-player maximum