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Larp: When the End of the World Came

by Martin Clyde "When the end of the world came, it passed like an awkward remark." Eighty years ago the apocalypse came... and went. Cities slowly emptied one-by-one as their lights shut down. There was no loud bang. There was no disease. There was no breaking point. Humanity just began to fade away. Some survivors remained, for a while, as the lands fell into decay but over the years they too simply slipped away. Huddled around a campfire are the last remaining humans. They don’t talk, and they avoid eye contact. They just listen to the emptiness surrounding them. They only have enough food for two more nights if they are lucky. Anxiously, they move closer to the fire. When the End of the World Came is intended as an emotionally intense game focused on character relationships over plot. It is intended for mature, experienced larpers.
18-player maximum