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Larp: The Salem Witch Trials


by Aidan Walsh

The events of this game are based on the tragedy in the village of Salem in 1692. Salem had been functioning as a village for nearly forty years until this tragedy struck. It was a testing time for the Puritans. Everything tested their faith, some people grew stronger from these trials; some weakened and lost complete faith in it and themselves.

People began to read into everyday events too deeply, and blamed events that where beyond their control onto “witch-craft”. Hysteria ensued; people were branded witches for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Many people used this hysteria to their advantage by testifying against their fellow neighbours just for the gain of the neighbours’ land.

Most of the people in the village lived in fear in case one of the fellow villagers decided that they where a witch. Paranoia was rife throughout the town. Not even the village minister was safe. Salem was on the brink of destruction from these trails. Neighbours turned on neighbours, friends turned on friends, and even family turned on family. Nobody trusted anybody, and this was how life was. This was how they lived.

25-player maximum