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Larp: The Morpho Project


You came across an interesting cryptography puzzle while browsing the internet early last year on a thread titled 'For highly intelligent people, try this- Blue Morpho 2485'. Solving it was hard but rather a fun challenge. Then you came across another puzzle about a month later, then another, and another, all of them addressed to 'highly intelligent people'. Some of the forums you visit started talking about 'The Morpho Project'; a search for someone or something. A couple of the threads even had responses from someone purporting to be 'Blue Morpho'. More puzzles crossed your path, taking you through the internet, the darknet and the real world to solve them, until two weeks ago an email appeared in your inbox:

Congratulations, highly intelligent person. You have successfully passed the tests and proved yourself worthy of the next level. Should you pass you will be welcomed into the Morpho Project. We look forward to meeting you. Blue Morpho 2485

Based on the Cicada Project, this is a game about solving riddles, testing determination and finding the answer to the final question...then surviving long enough to use it.

23-player maximum