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Larp: The Marqués of Galatone

by Gareth "Sypher" Hawekn It is 1815 in the city of Naples, Italy and you have all received an invitation to attend a grand party hosted by the unheard of Marqués of Galatone. He has recently purchased a grand mansion in the country outside Naples where he will be hosting the party. For some of you, the prospect of meeting new wealth in the area seems exciting, opportunities may arise and for the rest of you, who would turn down the opportunity to attend such a grand party. No matter how much you ask around, nobody has heard of the Marqués of Galatone, odd for a man to acquire so much wealth so suddenly. The evening arrives and you enter the grand hall where the other guests are just arriving and beautiful music is playing in the background. Upon the stage stands a heavily robed, jewelled and commanding man. The music ceases and attention is drawn to the stage where the man prepares to speak. "Good evening my friends and welcome. It is both a privilege and an honour to have you all here with me. Tonight I am your friend, servant and host. I am the Marqués of Galatone."
25-player maximum