Larp: Rabbit Run


by Zoe Eddy, Albert Lin, Scott Sawyer, Chris Wilkins, Ben Jones, Jeff Holmes, Anthony Reed In a cyborg-controlled, dystopian future, players are of one of the last bastions of humanity: the Rabbits. The Rabbits, street gang members turned freedom fighters, are resilient, committed, and deadly. Unified by trauma and struggle, they begin one of the final struggles against the twilight of the human race.


Rabbit Run is a live-action boffer larp that uses the Accelerant Rule system.

In a grim, dystopian future, the world has been overtaken by PryMor: a group of creatures that are half-machine and half-human. For the past sixty years, a nation humans once called home has been governed by these hybrids: the PryMor run a police state where PryMor are superior, and humans are little more than chattel used for labor, entertainment, and raw material. PryMor make up 60% of the global population, while the much weaker humans constitute the remaining numbers. This police state, where humans live under the unsympathetic rule of the PryMorian Senate, is called the Commonwealth. A utopia for PryMor, the Commonwealth is an unpredictable, living hell for humans.

Within Rabbit Run, players are a member of the resistance community Sector 84: Sector 84 is an eclectic, mostly human slum in the eastern part of the Commonwealth. Although Sector 84 is a brutal and unforgiving place, it has retained an autonomy and stability. Sector 84's stubborn resilience has caused the Prymorian government to label the slum a "Red Level Resistance Community"-- the threat of Sector 84 has, ultimately, urged the forces of the Commonwealth to wage a covert, consistent war to eliminate the Sector 84 resistance forces.

Within Sector 84, players are members of a small street gang called 'The Rabbits.' About a decade ago, the Commonwealth Laboratories abducted human individuals to serve as subjects in the Stage9 Series-- a ten-year long sequence of government experiments; these experiments involved "mental, physical, and emotional... augmentation and regression procedures." These "procedures" involved excruciating bodily modification, toxicology testing, and cognitive- behavioral "therapy," as well as "applied field missions" and "community incursion sequences." However, the cruel experiments of the Stage9 Series were put to an abrupt stop when HARM (Human-Animal Rights Militia), a so-called "terrorist resistance cell," infiltrated the Commonwealth laboratories, and liberated the few surviving subjects of the Stage9 Series.

The majority of members of Sector 84's "The Rabbits" are these survivors. Although a street gang, The Rabbits are committed to human rights, and, ultimately, the overthrow of the Commonwealth. Despite their motivations, however, The Rabbits are anything but noble: they’re broken, battered, and bitter individuals-- humor and cynicism have become shields that they use to protect themselves. They are loyal to one another, and seek a common good, but are suspicious and skeptical of non-Rabbits. They’re bound by blood and pain to, above all else, one another.

Recently, the Rabbits have been contacted by members of HARM: it seems like the Commonwealth are going to be making some specific movements to eliminate the Rabbits from Sector 84. Within this game, players will need to navigate the streets of Sector 84, gather intelligence about the Commonwealth, perform dangerous missions, and eventually use brains and brawn to defend themselves and their allies from PryMor forces. This game will be heavy combat and heavy rp-- all levels of experience are welcome and encouraged to come play.

Trigger warnings: substance abuse, self-harm, mental illness, violence, sexual themes with reference to sexual abuse, physical abuse, medical experimentation and torture, strong and vulgar language, emotional intensity including shouting/yelling etc. Age Restriction: 18+

8 to 14 players