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Larp: Girl Genius: Agatha Heterodyne and The Perfect Construct


By Mark "Justin" Waks

Life in the lands of Baron Wulfenbach are never simple, if you're a spark. (Actually, they're even less simple if you aren't a spark.) Between Clanks, Revenants, and the occasional meteor being dropped on your house because someone's new teleportation system went wrong, you never quite know what's going to happen before teatime.

But even by modern standards, the rumors about the hidden castle are a bit unsettling, and the people being drawn to it are assorted, to say the least. The Baron is leading his official expedition, of course, and will brook no renegade sparks who might cause trouble. Which, of course, is bringing every spark out of the woodwork, each trying to capture (and improve upon) the rumored "Perfect Construct". So what if no one knows what it is? That just makes it a more interesting challenge!

So come and join this fray, set in the world of Airship Studios' Girl Genius, as everyone from a megalomanical cat to a gang of Jaegermonsters (Ja!) come stumbling across each other, in the tale of "Agatha Heterodyne and The Perfect Construct".

20 to 27 players