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Larp: Magic Eyes


by Will Fergus, Melanie Saunders and Allan Pendergrast

Welcome to the annual Partially Obscured Telescopic Alien Transportation Object (POTATO) Watchers Gala! Here in idyllic Pecos, TX, only 150 miles away from the famous Roswell, NM, you will hear the disputed truth from the lips of many other “conspiracy enthusiasts” just like yourself! That’s what the brochure said, at least. But everybody knows nobody believes this sort of stuff anymore. Flying saucers? UFOs? The stuff of crackpot theorists and their blurry, grainy photographs. But you’ve got your own reasons for being here, so you might as well see what’s going on. Magic Eyes is a four hour game of crackpot conspiracy theory in the ‘70s. Bring your own tinfoil.

12-player maximum