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Larp: A Whole New World


by Melanie Saunders and Nick Milano

It is the year 2500, the day of the Planetary Alignment. The Earth is overcrowded and spent. The Council of Raelists has invited four corporate heads to have the opportunity to fund the creation of a new planet. Seven religious leaders have also been invited to get the chance to showcase their own forms of creation in order to get the illustrious chance to make a new world. A representative of the Raelian regime is present to approve the choice of religion on the behalf of the council. Of course, anyone who assists the creation of the world, be it by donating Joules of energy or the divine gifts of another faith, will get prime ownership of the new world, not to mention fame and fortune for being such a help to all of humanity.

A Whole New World is a game of politics, religion, and science. Representatives of each have been brought together tonight to determine the best course of action throughout tonight's meeting. Note: Religious aspects of this game are satirical and may only bear a general resemblance to an actual religion. This game was written as part of the 2008 Iron GM competition at RPI and received first place.

9-player maximum