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Larp: Service

by Shoshana Kessock The United States is embroiled in World War III and they need every soldier they can get for the front-lines. You have been drafted and must say goodbye to all that you knew, everyone that you loved, and the future you wanted for yourself. It is a war you may very well not come back from. But one lucky draftee will be given the golden ticket home and away from the war. Who will take it and why? Do they deserve it? Whose life is worth more? "Service" is an American Freeform game originally play-tested at the NYU Game Center and Metatopia. It is inspired by Jeepform and Nordic larp, and delves into emotional terrain, and challenging moral and personal questions. The setting is a military drafting station, but there is no combat, nor costumes required. There may be minor amounts of physical activity, but nothing strenuous or taxing and will accommodate player comfort levels. Additionally, there will be some measure of profanity or aggressive military attitudes. However Cut & Break will be used in the game for the comfort and safety of all players. It is strictly an 18+ adult game.
10 to 20 players