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Larp: Malcor


by Simon Deveau

The planet Malcor has been virtually undisturbed since the time of its discovery by the Imperial Scouts in 2250 Imperial Year. The entire planet, cloaked in an impenetrable field of energy that defied the Empire's most powerful weapons has remained out of the Emperor's grasp for 250 years. Now a plague is sweeping through the Empire, threatening to extinguish all life in the galaxy and the Emperor's advisors have told him the location of the only possible cure is Malcor. Through deft diplomatic measures the Emperor has secured for the first time ever a meeting between his representatives and the seemingly very technologically backward "rulers of Malcor" to negotiate for the substance that will save the Empire. The meeting will take place on Malcor at the Castle Tannus, home of the Emerald Prince and Priestess rulers of the Emerald Kingdom. Players will join the event as members of the Imperial team and the inhabitants of Malcor. They will participate in the formal negotiations on the surface of Malcor that will hopefully save the galaxy.

This game is not a STAR WARS game.

13 to 17 players