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Larp: Young Cultists In Love: The Stars Are Right -- For ROMANCE!

by Tom Russell You've chanted, you've prayed, you've committed unspeakable acts and now the Old Ones are returning to cleanse the Earth! Nothing can stop their inevitable return. No Investigator can stop the great wheel you've put into motion. In four hours Mankind is DOOMED! So now you've got four hours to kill before you're killed. As the servant of a dark and blasphemous god, engineering its return was the single overriding purpose to your existence. Now that you've gotten that goal accomplished, maybe there's still some time left to achieve a few other, lesser, ambitions -- like a date with that cute cultist over there. Young Cultists in Love is the Horror Rom-Com game where warped fanatics try one last time to find true love before being eaten. In four hours go through all the ups and downs of romantic love, but rest assured, there's a happy ending for everyone. It's one part Adams Family, one part Evil Dead 2 and one part Better Off Dead. Young Cultists in Love: The Stars Are Right -- For ROMANCE!
12-player maximum