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by Zoe Eddy

If you are one who truly reads the ageless tales, and knows the hidden languages, then perhaps you know this story...

In the ancient times, before bones littered the forests, and blood washed through the oceans, there was an age of peace. In a place that existed before the Sentient fought and killed one another, there was no war.

At least not in the material realm.

Before time, as we know it in our storybooks, started, there was a land of humans and a land of gods. Both Ougon, the land of humans, and Yuten, the land of the celestials, followed the same passage of time: the 12 hours, hours that, by our clocks, stretched over many years. In both heaven and on earth, the celestials and humans followed the hours of the 12 celestials.

In Ougon, the human land, there was little strife: the largest conflicts were petty squabbles between individuals-- squabbles that quickly resolved themselves. Life consisted of existing, in towns, cities, and remote corners of the land, in keeping with the 6 seasons, and the 12 hours. The arts flourished, and culture bubbled and roiled into an effervescent mix of simplicity and luxury. Such things were valued equally, and all-- even those who lived humble lives of farming or fishing-- praised the benevolent nature of their gods.

However, in Yuten, the land of the gods, battles raged. The 12 gods-- enamored of Ougon and all nature, especially the clever humans-- struggled to keep peace on the human land. However, corruption, rage, disdain, and greed-- these forces constantly moved to threaten Ougon. And, so, the celestials-- once perfect and serene-- had plunged their own realm into constant war. The forces that would claw at the graces of Ougon, found their energies scattered and torn between the 12 realms of the celestials. Every month, the denizens of Yuten, once more, bathed themselves in the blood of fallen stars and murdered gods.

All of this for Ougon. And the creatures of Ougon, blissfully ignorant of the hardship of the gods, who lived their lives in a steady, hazy calm.

In Yuten, once every hour, the forces of the celestials move between the 12 different realms of the gods. Each of these forces is lead by one individual-- one champion-- of each of the 12 gods. Each individual is responsible for staving off, for one more hour, the destruction that threatens the existence of Ougon.

These champions travel between the realms, toiling against any number of fell powers..

The champions travel to the winter keep of the Rat King...

To the infinite fields of the Ox Lord...

The lonely temple of the Tiger Queen...

The moon palace of the Rabbit Lady...

The sea palace of the Dragon King...

The forest palace of the Snake Princess...

The silver plains of the Horse Lord...

The mountain fortress of the Goat Queen...

The cloud citadel of the Monkey Lord...

The sun shrine of the Rooster Prince...

The endless graveyard of the Dog Lord...

The the boulder pass of the Boar Lady…

And at each of these places, they do battle, until the gods direct them to move once more.

These are the ancient stories-- tales when time was not yet time.


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The game takes place in the land of Yuten-- the players play one of twelve celestial champions of the animal gods. They have assembled, as they do every “hour,” in the realms of one of the gods. For the duration of the game, it is the Hour of the Dragon, and the players gather at the Sea Palace of the Dragon King. During this hour, a Sea Witch threatens the sanctity of the oceans-- the champions will need to strategize how to deal with this problem, as well as eventually make moves against the Sea Witch and her armies.

Equal parts boffer LARP and RP, this game, using the Accelerant rule system, invites players of all experience levels to engage with boffer combat in an immersive and engaging game world.

Although ahistorical, this game is Inspired by the mythos and atmosphere of the Heian period; accordingly, this game attempts to echo the grace, intrigue, and melancholy of courtly Japan. Players will navigate the subtlety of the dragon king’s court, as well as the brutality of the battlefield. While the game takes place in a high fantasy, mythological setting, players will grapple with loss, self-realization, and the true meanings and ramifications of sacrifice.