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Larp: Castillian Kings: Intrigue and Inquisition


by Kendra Beckler, Bram Sterling

In 1328, some of the greatest political and religious leaders of the Middle Ages have gathered in Navarre. With King Charles I of Navarre recently deceased, and Papal Inquisitions ever a threat, the fate of Europe hangs in the balance. Plotting, backstabbing, and negotiating are the order of the day; arranged marriages and secret liaisons are not far behind.

The Kingdoms of France and Navarre have been closely aligned since the late 13th century. With Joanna I, daughter of the King of France, the presumed claimant to the throne of Navarre, what will happen to the ties between the two kingdoms?

In the Kingdom of England, it has been almost two years since the notorious King Edward II was deposed by his wife, made to sit trial and judged guilty of incompetence (among many other charges), and presumed assassinated. His son, King Edward III, is on his honeymoon trip to the Continent. What will happen between father and son when accidentally reunited?

On the religion scene, the current Pope in Avignon has been inflaming Catholic leaders around Europe with his controversial support for the Beatific Vision. A new Antipope has just come to power by popular support in the Vatican. What will Pope John XXII do about the new Antipope?

In Iberia, Papal Inquisitions, created in the late 12th century as a way to combat the Albigensian heresy in southern France, are ever-present threats to the non-Catholic communities - which is a problem, as the majority of the peninsula's inhabitants have been Muslims since the Islamic al-Andalus in the 8th century. With the current pope publicly tolerant of Judaism and Islam (despite the backlash from the Archbishops and Antipope over this), will the Abrahamic religions figure out how to coexist?


This game features real historical characters in 1328. Each character's life up until 1328 is exactly what it says in the history books, with only discrepancies, gaps, and motivations filled in. However, with key religious and political figures all in the same place at the same time, the future of Europe is up for grabs. As these are real historical figures, the game will deal with some adult themes from these people's lives, notably adultery, treason, sexuality, and murder. In addition, there are real religious leaders from the time, Catholic, Jewish, and Muslim; game takes place during the ever-frequent Papal Inquisitions in Iberia, causing anyone not Catholic to be in real danger. Weighty religious discussions will take place in game.

Players are requested to be at least 18 years of age. Exceptions might be made for mature 16-17 year olds who have an adult chaperone also playing this game (please email the GMs for approval before signing up in this case).

In the Middle Ages in Europe, most political and religious leaders were male. Most (though not all) female players will be cross-cast out of necessity. If you are a female player who is uncomfortable with being cross-cast, please make the GMs aware of this in advance of signing up for the game.

11 to 15 players