@ 7 p.m.
MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

Tonight is Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, the last night before Ash Wednesday and the coming of Lent. Catholics around the world revel tonight in their sins before the purging of Lent. Tonight, the people of New Orleans make merry in the streets like nowhere else. While the whole of the city becomes an all-night party, open to all, there is another, exclusive party on the island of Marie Leveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans. Every year twelve people are invited. No one ever turns down this invitation--whether out of prurient interest or a fear of offending the Voodoo Queen-- and no one is ever invited twice. Countless rumors surround the wild debauchery said to occur at Marie's party, but no one who returns ever breathes a single word of what happened. It is widely believed that Marie uses her voodoo to seal the lips of any who would speak of her secrets.

Marie Levau has invited you to her Mardi Gras party. Do you dare pass up this once in a lifetime invitation?