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Larp: Candyland II: Ashley's Bachelorette Party


by Julia Ellingboe, Kat Jones

It’s time for the girls to mix and mingle! These are Ashley’s last days of being single. Something sexy, something sweet. Something to knock THEM off their feet. Stacy has been working for Violet Rae, famous designer of marital aids , and will bring a box of goodies from Candyland. Give something to Ashley to start her marriage off right, and maybe take something home for yourself. What the invitation doesn’t tell us is that Candyland is a fine purveyor of sex toys.

This gathering of female friends and family will reveal some previously unknown aspects of their sexual history and preferences. How is it that the bride’s 80 year old Grandma knows more about vibrators and dildos than the bride’s sister? How will the stern and notoriously uptight mother-in-law react when the bride reveals how she lost her virginity?

Players are all guests at this bachelorette party. While the characters are all self-identified women from all walks and stages of life, the players can be of any gender. This is a sex positive larp and graphic descriptions of all aspects of consensual sex are encouraged, while graphic descriptions of non-consensual sex and sexual abuse are discouraged. We also encourage playing out of one's comfort zone in a positive, healthy manner. Players' level of embarrassment may vary. Adults 18 and older, please. No previous experience of Cady Stanton’s Candyland is necessary.

6 to 12 players