Larp: In Residency


by Lizzie Stark

For residents at this elite artists' colony, Brython represents the chance to live full time as their most secret selves, ignoring everything but their sacred drive to elevate the soul through art. The rest of the year they may hustle to make ends meet as part-time artists and full time teachers, PR scions, copyeditors and grant writers, but here they live as sculptors, composers, and writers. By day, they make art in the beautiful surroundings of a fully staffed mansion, transforming their dark pasts into beauty. By night, they live in a fishbowl of observation and unresolved sexual tension. Will they overcome impostor syndrome to work on the projects they said they would? Will their off-colony relationships survive? Or will it all degenerate into a Bacchanalia?

This American Freeform game explores the tension between making art and talking about it, and within the social structures that arise in a claustrophobic social milieu. It also considers the relationship between trauma and art.

This game features a workshop, a debrief, and a rules-light gaming experience aimed at producing emotional immersion, and will use metatechniques such as player-controlled monologues and fateplay.

18+ only, please!

8 to 15 players