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by Don Ross, Gordon Olmstead-Dean

Characters have come to an ordinary but out-of-the-way gathering place for a clearly mundane, if esoteric, purpose. A few are well known, and one is famous enough that many of the characters are there simply to see, hear, or talk to them. It is even rumoured that a maguffin of interest to many characters will be on display at the event, and that its inventor/discoverer may even make a surprise appearance! All indications seem to be in favour of an entertaining but peaceful time, but SOMETHING STRANGE IS GOING ON!

FOCUS was written as a parody of turn-of-the-century convention LARPs, in which well known archetypes such as the Adventurous Archeologist, the Annoying Reporter, the Gruff Policeman, and the Liberal Preacher were brought together in increasingly complex and implausible combinations. What the parodists failed to recognize was that this formula is so popular because it works so well.

Come play 'FOCUS' - a theatre-style live-action role playing game exactly like every other theatre-style live-action role-playing game you have ever played.

20-player maximum