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Larp: Cirque Du Fey


by Anandi Gandolfi, Mel MacDonald

Step up! Step up! Come and see the magic! One night only, a command performance for the crown prince, his lovely bride and the select elite of Austria/Hungary! Experience the magical wonder of the greatest show in this (or any!) world!

Grandiose glamors, fabulous fantasies, magical mysteries, invidious intrigues, convoluted conspiracies, and more await you at the exclusive invitation-only pre-performance soiree featuring the actual performers of the two most popular traveling circuses in all of Europe; one is light and airy as a spring day and one is as strange and twisted as your darkest fantasies!

It is 1899 and there are whispers of a war on the horizon, but tonight, fear not! Come to celebrate the fairy tale engagement of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand and his lovely bride Sophie.

But nothing is quite what it seems …

In an increasingly hostile world, the faeries who remain have chosen to hide in plain sight as traveling circus performers. Big tops replace faerie rings and the ancient rivalry between the courts of Summer and Winter continues in a world of illusion, glamour, and undying intrigue.

Under the big top, fairy tales come true, magic is real, true love conquers all.

… but never without a fight or consequences.

20 to 35 players