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Larp: At What Cost

by Christopher Amherst and Tegan Hendrickson There is a traitor among you. On the eve of a mission to ferret out the traitor, there are uncomfortable truths lingering between you and your fellow spies. Many of you have history together: good and bad. Some of you have been lovers, others have only been held back from killing each other by bonds of duty. One of you has committed the cardinal sin in the world of spies: selling secrets to the enemy. "At What Cost" is a freeform / blackbox game that deals with mature subject matter such as enhanced interrogations, betrayal, and infidelity. A game where you are the character, making the story emotionally relevant to you by bringing your real life (aka "bleed") into the game. Through the use of lighting, We will invoke meta-techniques such as flashbacks to enhance back stories and monologues to voice your character's inner thoughts during play. This is a story set in the shadowy world of modern espionage and asking the question of who do you trust, who are you really, what is the truth, and what is the price or cost of your loyalty to duty, country, and your colleagues. This game is for mature audiences only. 18+ TRIGGER (Content) WARNING: Enhanced Interrogations (Torture/Waterboarding), Prejudice/Discrimination (Race/Gender/Sexual Orientation)
6-player maximum