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Larp: Out of Time

by Ken Seier The Tardis founders in a terrible time storm and crash lands on Regik II where the last survivors a nuclear armageddon are preparing to exterminate themselves in what is certain to be their final civil war. The Doctor to the rescue! Except the Doctor's not feeling entirely himself. And the Rigikians seem really set on killing themselves off. And there are a slew of entirely forseeable unforseen complications. And there's something even stranger going on, if only someone could put their finger on it. Will the Doctor pull himself together in time? Will someone be able to save the Regikians from destruction? Or is the Doctor finally Out of Time. A rollicking, madcap Doctor Who LARP of sudden revelations, preposterous reversals, terrible costumes and overused sets, just like it should be. Multiple PC Doctors, some of which are female. Cross-casting allowed. Trigger warnings: murder, factional violence, nuclear armageddon, bombs
21 to 30 players