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Larp: Revived: A Support Group for the Partially Deceased

by Kat Jones We are not Zombies, we are the Partially Deceased Revived provides a safe space of mutual respect and non-judgment where Partially Deceased Syndrome patients can build community and support one another as they navigate the realities of everyday life. Join us for a free, safe, confidential drop-in group for PDS patients who are experiencing a challenging reintegration into society. Feel heard, valued, understood, nurtured and energized. At Revived we acknowledge the enormous challenges that PDS patients can face in the world, whether it is at work, at home, or out in public. Our vision is to provide an opportunity for all PDS patients to engage in a Revived group that provides them with the support, education and community they need to flourish as they re-enter their previous lives. Revived is a zombie LARP inspired by the BBC show In the Flesh. This larp centers on the zombies' perspective and the challenges of coming back from the dead, rather than a more traditional zombie larp where players are fighting or running from zombies. Players take on the role of rehabilitated zombies re-entering their previous lives. Characters will deal with the responses of their family and friends to their return, the prejudice they face from the general populace, and guilt over what they did in their “untreated” state. Trigger warnings: The subject matter will not be horribly dark but each character will deal with unique and challenging emotional issues including death, prejudice, and guilt. Some characters will have killed people in their "untreated" state. Age Restrictions: 18+ preferred, but mature teenagers can be added with GM permission
4 to 9 players