@ 2 p.m.

Intercon O

Radisson Hotel, Chelmsford, MA, USA

Run at Intercon O.


Peloponnese. A commercial ship on a multi-week journey to mine an asteroid and bring back its contents, studying them on the return trip. But lately, things keep going wrong. The computer network is having technical problems, some crew members have complained that their rations had been stolen, research has disappeared, security is on alert… Lately, the captain has instituted a previously unheard of curfew, and morale is dropping fast.

The ship was originally scheduled to make planetfall in one week. By now, two weeks would be optimistic, but the captain is still driven to limit the delay, whatever the cost. Rumor is she’s promised the company to land on time.

And the problems keep piling up...

Warning: This game is much darker than either the blurb or any of the character sheets appear at first. Sign up only if you are prepared for a very angsty game.