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Larp: K300: Nyet SOS!

by Mike Young and Moira Parham Greetings Comrade. Welcome to the K300, the Soviet Submarine Kashalot. Here we will have happy adventure beneath the waves as absolutely nothing goes wrong. (And by that, we mean that everything will go wrong.) This simulation larp is based on the board game Red November. You are all trapped in a leaky and faulty submarine and have to survive for an hour or so until help arrives. You will get a character with a history and relationships and goals, but you also need to be able to interact with the submarine and keep it working until help shows up. Fixing the sub will involve moving around the game space and solving puzzles. There is not a lot of combat in this larp. Trigger warnings: This will be a high stress, timed adventure where everything goes wrong at once. Character death, and even complete destruction of the submarine are possible.
6 to 10 players