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Larp: Song of the Fat Man


by John Corradin & Mica Corradin

Murder, mystery, mobsters, and mayhem collide aboard the SS Fortune! An homage to Dashiell Hammett, creator of Sam Spade (Maltese Falcon), this scenario features Hammett's most popular detecting duo, Nick and Nora Charles of The Thin Man fame. The couple is unwittingly, of course, drawn into a grisly murder case.

The time is 1947. The place is the SS Fortune, a gambling ship on the Susquehanna River, north of Philadelphia. The occasion is a pre-engagement party for rich socialite Tracey Nolan and the handsome Tony Fortune. Tensions are already high as family and the friends of the couple gather together to congratulate them on their engagement. When dead bodies begin piling up and the ship's radio is sabotaged, Nick and Nora will be forced to solve the mystery before anyone else becomes a murder victim.

NOTE: There are a few mature themes. Suggested age range is 16+.

14 to 23 players